Annotated Bibliography of Academic Works Relevant to Burning Questions

In development, planned to launch in late 2019

  • The aim of this project is to build gradually and systematically a bibliography that lists peer-reviewed academic journal articles and other research publications relevant to burning questions. It will also include unpublished and on-going research done on the burning questions funded by Tiny Beam Fund.
  • The unique feature of this bibliography is that in addition to the title and publication information, each item carries a note in plain language explaining why and how this item can deepen front-line persons understanding.
  • Two examples of annotations:
    1. For a paper on regional dietary patterns in rural India, part of the annotation Tiny Beam Fund provides is:
      • This paper highlights and explains a driver of increased consumption of animal products in India that is rarely discussed by front-line persons: Trade liberalization in the early 1990s.
    2. For a paper on agricultural products, biofuels, and “meat chains” in Latin America, part of the annotation Tiny Beam Fund provides is:
      • Each network or community of front-line persons tackling industrial food animal production often focuses only on a single set of issues (e.g. the environment such as water pollution). They may be interested to hear that according to this paper, agribusinesses in Latin America invest in multiple sectors. The paper highlights the “inter-related nature” of “the food, feed and biofuel production and processing sectors in Latin America …. and the great expansion they have gone through in the last decade.”
  • The target audience of the bibliography are front-line persons (including grant-makers who support them).
  • The bibliography resides in a password protected page on the Tiny Beam Fund website. Password is available to front-line persons upon request.
  • The bibliography is intended to be a work in progress, updated in-house every 3 months. Front-line persons can request to be informed of the availability to a new update.