Plain Language Digests of Academic Papers Relevant to Burning Questions Project

In development, planned to launch in mid-2019

  • This project produces digests. Each digest focuses on several recent (published¬†within the last five years) peer-reviewed journal articles relevant to particular burning questions.
  • The unique feature of these digests is that key points and important information in an article that are especially relevant to a burning question are summarized and presented in bullets in plain language.
  • The target audience of these digests are front-line persons.
  • The digests reside in a password protected page on the Tiny Beam Fund’s website. Password is available to front-line persons upon request.
  • New digests are produced in-house every 4-6 weeks. Front-line persons can request to be informed of the availability of a new digest.

  • Note: A prototype digest is now available. If you are a front-line person or funder, and would like to take a look at it, please contact