Communicating with Front-Line Persons Fund

In development, planned to launch in early to mid 2020.

  • Purpose of this program:
    1. To encourage academics who study negative impacts of global industrial food animal production to let front-line persons know about their research.
    2. To reward them for making this extra effort.
  • Examples of ways to use the grants:
    • Prepare plain language summaries for distribution to relevant front-line persons.
    • Co-produce research with front-line persons.
    • Explain research findings to specific front-line persons (including local officials and policy makers tackling the problem who need deeper understanding of the issues)
    • Creative and inventive ideas such as turning research findings into infographics.
  • Note: Producing webinars do not qualify, even if invitations are sent to front-line persons to attend (because these persons may not actually attend). However, webinar productions may qualify if front-line persons participate as speakers in the webinars.
  • The plan being developed (subject to change):
    • Researchers can apply for grants from $1,000 – $5,000. Applicants can request higher amounts if they think their projects are of exceptional quality and/or benefits to front line persons.
    • Applications – when open – are accepted year round.
  • Queries about this fund are welcome before its launch. Please contact: