Buy Publications Mini-Grants

Mini-Grants to Help Front-Line Organizations Purchase Academic Publications.

Inquiries and applications are now open year-round. 


  • These grants are intended for front-line persons associated with organizations who need to purchase academic publications or research materials that are:
    1. behind paywalls and/or very costly
    2. of significant value for understanding one or more “burning questions”
  • Applicants should be prepared to:
    1. list the publications, sources of data, materials, etc. that they need to purchase
    2. explain briefly how these materials help to deepen their understanding of one or more burning question(s) and/or help them with their work
    3. say whether they intend to share what they learn from the materials purchased with the mini-grants with those outside their organizations
  • Grants are given to organizations, not private individuals.
  • Front-line organizations in all countries can apply for these grants.
  • Each grant’s minimum is $300 and maximum is $3,000. Applications can be made multiple times each year, but the total amount of grants requested by an applicant in a 12-month period cannot exceed $3,000 unless in exceptional circumstances.
  • Inquiries and applications for grants are accepted year-round. But notification of results and distribution of grants to successful applicants are made only four times each year (in early April, early June, late October, late December).
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