Burning Questions Fellowships – Past Recipients

Past Fellowship Award Winners

What are Guidance Memos?

  • At the end of their four-month award period, fellowship winners provide their reports to Tiny Beam Fund.
  • We call these reports Guidance Memos because they offer practical guidance to those who are interested in the “burning questions” that we collected on tackling industrial animal agriculture in low- and middle-income countries, and because these reports are presented in a form and language that is easy to read.
  • All Guidance Memos are:
    • Nuanced: No naive, simplistic, one-dimensional answers. No shying away from complexities which are explained clearly and succinctly.
    • Evidence-backed: Based on reliable sources of information, PhD-level fieldwork and academic research.
    • Readable: Easy-to-follow reasoning and narratives. No academic jargons, no long, incomprehensible sentences.
    • Actionable: Real-life issues and challenges are addressed. Concrete, practical suggestions and steps one can take are offered.
  • We can’t emphasize enough that Guidance Memos are only meant to serve as jumping-off points for further explorations. They are not the final word. Guidance Memos have placed some food for thought and suggestions for actions on a dining table that is pretty bare at present. But they only represent the findings and perspectives of certain individual academics.
  • We are keen to supplement and improve the Guidance Memos. We invite all readers to share with us their own insights into the topics addressed in the Guidance Memos. Please contact us!

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