Promoting Burning Questions to Academic Researchers Fund

What is this program? What does it aim to achieve?

  • The program invites persons who are part of academe as well as those who are not (e.g. grant-makers) to assist with promoting “burning questions” to academic researchers.
  • For example: Offering honorarium to researchers to write about their thoughts on the burning questions or their experience receiving grants from Tiny Beam Fund (e.g. in blogs). Providing small grants to someone to frame the burning questions in a way that makes them appropriate for applying to government and other substantial research grants.
  • Proposal submission for these small grants are by invitation only.

Why this program and approach?

  • If researchers do not think that working on the burning questions is a good fit for their own research agendas and career plans, they will not want to touch the burning questions. They need to hear from their peers that the burning questions can be quite relevant to academic work and that it is worth considering applying for research planning grants or fellowships from Tiny Beam Fund.
  • Also, the easier it is for researchers to incorporate the burning questions into their work (especially into their perennial task of grant-seeking), the more inclined they are to pay attention to the burning questions. So it is a good idea to help them frame the burning questions into research questions that are suitable for major grant applications.
  • This program is relatively low priority and small, but can make a real difference.