Networking and Rallying Grants

  • Purpose of these grants:
    1. To encourage academics-led activities that spark, stimulate, and strengthen academic researchers’ interest in addressing problems caused by industrial food animal production (especially in low- and middle-income countries) and in helping front-line persons tackling these problems.
    2. To defray some or all of the costs that such activities incur, particularly in forming and maintaining vibrant, genial networking opportunities and rallying points. The thinking is that the small corps of academics who are already enthusiastic about this issue are well-positioned to make the clarion call to rally others to join them, especially when they are offered grants to do so.
    3. To raise the profile and visibility of research into tackling industrial animal agriculture in low- and middle-income countries in universities and academe.
  • Examples of how grant funds can be used:
    • Hosting events or in-person meetings (e.g. sponsor a side networking event or reception at a large international conference)
    • Organizing a special issue in a journal
    • Setting up an online discussion forum
  • These grants are given to successful applicants’ universities and academic research institutions located in or outside the U.S. (not to individual academic researchers):
    • An applicant can request a grant from $1,000 – $7,500. Multi-year funding is possible.
    • Applications are accepted year round. For more information and to apply, see these instructions.
  • Queries about these grants are welcome. Please contact: [email protected]