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In this new series in our Fueling Advocates Initiative,Prof. Clive Phillips talks to academic experts in farm animal welfare. Two recorded conversations are now available: Prof. Cathy Dwyer on sheep welfare. Prof. Donald Broom on pig welfare.

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Five New Fellowship Winners for the 2022 Spring/Summer Round Announced!

  • Keeve Nachman & team: Curbing antibiotics use in producing cattle, pigs, chickens, fish, shrimps in low- and middle-income countries.

  • Germano Glufke Reis: The role of Brazil's major retailers and supermarkets in promoting animal meat products versus plant-based meat substitutes.

  • Philip H. Howard: Marketing strategies of dominant dairy processors in China.

  • Ashleigh Bright: Egg producers and egg retailers disconnect as a critical barrier in China's cage-free eggs production.

  • Jesse Robbins: Industrialization of dairy production in India - current status, public perception, animal welfare implications.

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