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Five new recipients of
2022 Fueling Advocates Initiative (FAI) grants!

  • Global Food Partners: For academic experts to do "train the trainers" work in Indonesia to help Asian poultry farmers use best practices for cage-free eggs production. 
  • The Humane League Mexico: For academic researchers to conduct a study about Mexican consumers' attitudes, habits, and willingness to pay for cage-free eggs in Mexico. 
  • SDSN (Sustainable Development Solutions Network) Nigeria: For academic researchers to collect data on the out-grower model (i.e. contract farming) of poultry production in Nigeria and its negative impacts.
  • IATP (Institute for Agriculture & Trade Policy): To pay staff to use academic resources to expose industrial animal agriculture's high greenhouse gas emissions, especially the role of multinational agri-food corporations (e.g. activities at COP 27 in Egypt, host webinar jointly with University of British Columbia).
  • Sinergia Animal: For academics in Argentina and Columbia to conduct projects on salmonella contamination and antibiotic use in egg production. And for two workshops (in Latin America and Southeast Asia) on farm animal welfare for local academics and researchers. 


Five New Fellowship Winners for the 2022 Spring/Summer Round Announced!

  • Keeve Nachman & team: Curbing antibiotics use in producing cattle, pigs, chickens, fish, shrimps in low- and middle-income countries.

  • Germano Glufke Reis: The role of Brazil's major retailers and supermarkets in promoting animal meat products versus plant-based meat substitutes.

  • Philip H. Howard: Marketing strategies of dominant dairy processors in China.

  • Ashleigh Bright: Egg producers and egg retailers disconnect as a critical barrier in China's cage-free eggs production.

  • Jesse Robbins: Industrialization of dairy production in India - current status, public perception, animal welfare implications.

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