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March 18 - April 24, 2024

BQI's Beacon series has a new issue

Beacon Issue 2 covers:

  • Global poultry genetics companies' power in Africa.
  • Diets in LMICs shaped by complex food environment.
  • Tradeoffs required to make livestock systems climate-friendly.
  • Asian industrial broiler production's wide range of problems.
  • EU food strategies can improve LMICs' animal welfare.
  • Tactics to sell industrial chicken products in Guatemala.
  • Egypt's poultry industry harbors avian flu and gets subsidies.
  • Problematic claims made by dairy companies in China.

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Beacon is a series highlighting key messages from academic works that are useful to those tackling industrial animal agriculture in developing countries. It is easy to read and understand. No academic jargon!

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