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Industrial Food Animal Production
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Announcing new network funded by Kindling Initiative grant

Critical Research on Livestock Systems (CRILS) Network
coordinated by Royal Veterinary College

No-cost in-person workshop in London, April 16 - 17, 2024
Monthly online workshops
January 25, 2024 workshop (Global capital and big livestock)

Four new 2023 Fueling Advocates Initiative grantees announced

Grantees include Animal Policy International, Animal Welfare League,
Asociación para el Rescate y Bienestar Animal, and Aquatic Life Institute.

Burning Questions Initiative has a new project named Beacon.

What is Beacon?

  • It is a series highlighting key messages from academic works that are useful to those tackling industrial animal agriculture in developing countries.
  • It is easy to read and understand. No academic jargon!

Explore Beacon Issue 1

Beacon Issue 1 covers:
1. Government policies shaping aquaculture. 2. Intensive and extensive livestock production in China. 3. Large investors' interest in animal welfare. 4. Environmental pressures from different foods. 5. Implementing international animal welfare standards. 6. Cage-free egg production in China. 7. Game meat production in South Africa. 8. Meat consumption reduction in Brazil.

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