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New Research Planning Grants Awarded in June 2021

Royal Veterinary College (U.K.)

  • Test new research method for identifying links between food policies and consumer demand for chickens and eggs in India.

New York University (U.S.)
two grants

  • Map networks that support or engage in sustainable, humane agriculture in agrarian low- and middle-income countries.
  • How large-scale farming of octopus in countries such as Mexico, Chile, Spain, China is developed and financed.

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Spring/Summer 2021 Burning Questions
Fellowship Recipients Announced

  • Maureen Luvanda (Kenya)
    Analysis of farm animal welfare and handling in large farms, the general community, and government policies in Kenya.
  • Mehroosh Tak & Team (U.K.)
    How to identify economic and financial drivers of industrial poultry production in developing countries, using the case study of Indian poultry.
  • Peter Newton (U.S.)
    Transitioning out of livelihoods that are based on animal agriculture in low- and middle-income countries.

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Our list of “burning questions”. Fellowships and research planning grants for academic researchers interested in pursuing these questions.

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