Fueling Advocates Initiative

Encouraging and enabling front-line persons organizations to use academic research to bolster their work.

  • This initiative supports non-governmental organizations and non-profit advocacy groups (including those that are not U.S-based) that are tackling negative impacts of industrial animal agriculture, particularly concerning low- and middle-income countries. It aims to encourage these organizations to make use of academic research and experts to gain in-depth knowledge of key issues, to fuel their campaigns, and to strengthen their endeavors.
  • Tiny Beam Fund is concerned that front-line organizations’ current lack of knowledge and understanding in the issue's complexities seriously hampers their efforts to stem the rising tide of industrial animal agriculture in developing countries. It believes that relevant, high-quality, practical academic research and the assistance of academic experts is a useful tool that can help them acquire the deep understanding needed to develop and implement practical interventions, to add value, quality, and power to their work.

Fueling Advocates Initiative Grants Program

  • This program offers grants to not-for-profit organizations (including those that are non-U.S. based). 
  • Maximum size of a grant is $24,000.
  • A Call for Applications is open once each year.

The 2023 Call for Applications has passed.
The next Call will open in 2024, probably between April to July.

Academic Studies Without Tears Series

  • The aim of this series is to turn academic research findings into information that advocacy and front-line groups can grasp and use effortlessly.
  • Each issue in this series features a handful of bitesize "new items" on a particular theme or topic, based on findings in recently published academic studies.
  • Examples of themes and topics: Global aquaculture. Nutrition transition and animal-source foods consumption in low- and middle-income countries. A quiz about agribusinesses and meat corporations in developing countries.
  • Academic Studies Without Tears are sent and accessible only to select leaders of organizations, to funders, and to individuals that request them. Accessing past issues requires a password. To request the password and/or to be added to the mailing list for new issues, please send a message to min@tinybeamfund.org with the reason for the request. 
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