Burning Questions Fellowship Awards

2022 Fall/Winter round Call For Applications is now open October 4 - November 22.

To learn more and to apply, see HERE


Fellowship awards key information

  • These fellowships focus on a set of “burning questions” we have collected from leaders of NGOs trying to understand and find solutions to of global industrial food animal production’s negative impacts, particularly concerning low- and middle-income countries.
  • They are intended for academic researchers (early career as well as senior academics). Independent scholars can also apply.
  • Applicants must hold PhD/doctoral degrees or be in PhD/doctoral students at an advanced stage of their studies.
  • There are no restrictions as to applicants’ place of residence or citizenship.
  • The award period is four months.

Three categories of awards are available:

  • Category 1: US$25,000 for a team of two to four researchers with a PhD/doctoral degree holder as the lead and recipient of award funds.
  • Category 2: US$20,000 for a single individual with a PhD/doctoral degree.
  • Category 3: US$15,000 for a single individual enrolled in a PhD/doctoral degree program and at an advanced stage of PhD/doctoral studies.

Fellowships are awarded twice each year:

Spring/Summer round, and Fall/Winter round.

The main task of a fellowship recipient during the award period is to prepare one report which we call Guidance Memo:

  • Guidance Memos are written in plain language.
  • Topics addressed in Guidance Memos must be directly relevant to one or more “burning questions”.
  • Guidance Memos should provide sound information and clear explanations that deepen readers’ understanding of the issues addressed, highlight key considerations that they may not be aware of, offer practical advice that helps their work and decision-making.

Why offer these fellowships?

  • To support academic researchers who are interested in communicating their research into negative impacts of industrial animal agriculture and in helping front-line persons.
  • To provide materials that shed light on “burning questions” that front-line persons have asked, in the form of “Guidance Memos”.

Fellowship award winners

  • Over 20 PhD holders and PhD students have won the fellowships since the awards were offered in 2019.

  • They came from different countries and academic fields.

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