Burning Questions Initiative

Coming to grips with pressing practical questions about how to tackle negative impacts of global industrial food animal production.This is Tiny Beam Fund’s flagship initiative.

It has three programs:

Burning Questions Collection and Prioritization Program

  • Leaders of organizations and funders are invited to contribute practical questions about negative impacts of industrial food animal production that they most want answered by academic researchers.
  • The list of "burning questions" is used to guide the kind of academic research Tiny Beam Fund supports.

Burning Questions Fellowship Program

  • Nine-month fellowships ($45,000 - $60,000) for individual academic researchers interested in "burning questions".
  • There is one Call For Applications each year (around March/April).

Burning Questions Research Planning Grants Program

  • Six-month grants ($5,000 - $15,000) support the planning of research and the advancement of recently launched projects related to "burning questions".
  • There is one Call For Applications each year (around March/April) .
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