Fueling Advocates Initiative Grants Program

2023 Grantees

Animal Policy International

  • To develop benchmarking frameworks and methodologies to assess animal welfare standards of imported animal-based foods, and understand the supply chains of these foods, using New Zealand as a case study.


Animal Welfare League [in Ghana]

  • To compare the economic costs of battery cage systems versus cage-free systems in Ghana, and investigate farmers’ perception of adopting cage-free systems.


Asociación para el Rescate y Bienestar Animal [in Peru]

  • To collect and analyze data about cage-free /free-range eggs production in Peru, including interview farmers, in order to develop this sector.


Aquatic Life Institute

  • To develop templates to collect data from aquaculture associations in Asia, South America and other regions, and evaluate the data as part of a large-scale research project to document and communicate best fish and shrimp welfare practices.


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