Series: Academic Studies Without Tears

Academic research findings turned into information that advocates can grasp and use effortlessly

  • Academic studies are notoriously hard to find, read, and put into practical use by non-academics. Super-busy leaders of NGOs cannot afford to spend a lot of time and effort to dig up, digest, and deploy academic research even though they recognize the value of academic studies in informing and improving their advocacy work. 
  • Academic Studies Without Tears aims to help leaders faced with this dilemma. Its target audience are leaders and funders of non-profit advocacy organizations addressing the many negative impacts of industrial animal agriculture in low- and middle-income countries.
  • Each issue in this series features a handful of bite-size pieces (reminiscent of short news items) on a particular theme or topic, based on findings in recently published academic studies.
  • Examples of themes and topics: Global aquaculture. Nutrition transition and animal-source foods consumption in low- and middle-income countries. A quiz about agribusinesses and meat corporations in developing countries.
  • The academic studies that are chosen have flaws and limitations and are not the final word. They are just a tiny selection of perspectives and research findings to whet the appetite of readers. But every relevant data point and nugget of cogent information adds to one’s store of knowledge and has the potential to spark new ideas. 
  • About a dozen issues have been produced, with a new one added every quarter. 
  • Academic Studies Without Tears are sent and accessible only to select leaders of organizations, to funders, and to individuals that request them. Accessing past issues requires a password.

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