Burning Questions Collection and Prioritization Program

Helping front-line persons identify and prioritize their burning questions

Download the List of
Burning Questions

How does this program operate?

  • This program runs on a two-year cycle. The latest cycle was held in the Summer of 2020.
  • For each cycle, the program invites persons who are knowledgeable about and/or very interested in addressing different negative impacts of industrial animal agriculture in low- and middle-income countries to review the existing list of questions, remove questions that are no longer relevant or important, and submit new questions they consider of most significance and salience to their current work.
  • Each question must conform to a set of criteria (e.g. must deal with practical issues, not philosophical ideas) and include a “context statement” to explain why the question is asked, why pursuing it is important, etc.
  • The target for each cycle is to have 12-18 participants.
  • After assembling a new list of questions, all participants prioritize the questions using an exercise modified from a well-established process for prioritizing healthcare treatment uncertainties.

Who participate in this program?

  • Individuals are invited by Tiny Beam Fund to participate.
  • Participation is entirely voluntary. No monetary compensation, grant, or gift is offered. (Tiny Beam Fund extends the warmest thanks to all those who participate!)
  • Names of potential participants /question-contributors are identified by seeking suggestions from Tiny Beam Fund’s advisors and contacts.
  • Each new cycle aims at inviting individuals from groups that are inadequately represented in the past.

What is the significance of this program?

  • The “burning questions” collected in this program inform the kind of work to be supported and funded by the initiative’s Fellowship program and the Research Planning Grants program.