Capacity and Networking Grants

  • Purpose of these grants:
    1. To establish and elevate the reputation of a university or an academics-led professional organization as an academic hub widely known for its interest in the negative impacts of global industrial animal agriculture.
    2. To raise the profile and visibility of issues related to global industrial animal agriculture (particularly concerning low- and middle-income countries) in the research work and teaching done in universities.
    3. To help academics interested in addressing drivers of and problems caused by global industrial animal agriculture to organize networks and rallying points to support each other, reach out to peers less familiar with this topic, and encourage PhD and Master’s students to study it.
  • Examples of how grant funds can be used:
    • As prize money (e.g. in student essay competitions).
    • Hold events to engage with academic researchers from diverse fields and career stages.
    • Plan and organize substantial collaborative research projects involving universities from countries in different parts of the world.
  • The maximum amount for each grant is $20,000.
  • These grants are given to institutions and organizations which have U.S. not-for-profit tax-exempt status or its equivalence. They need not be located in the U.S. Eligible applicants include:
    • Universities and academic research institutions
    • Professional, scholarly, or membership organizations governed by and intended to serve academics
    • Organizations that offer grant management for researchers who need an institution that can receive and administer pass-through grants provided by governments, foundations, etc.
  • Inquiries and applications are welcome year round. Please contact: [email protected]