Communicating with Front-Line Persons Grants

  • Purpose of these grants:
    1. To encourage academics who have studied the negative impacts of global industrial food animal production to share their research with and explain it to front-line persons most likely to benefit from and make use of the research.
    2. To defray some or all of the costs incurred when they take those steps.
  • Examples of how grant funds can be used:
    • For “release time” to prepare plain language summaries of their academic papers for distribution to particular groups of front-line persons who have expressed a need to understand these papers.
    • Hold webinars to explain to front-line persons how certain research data can be applied to real-life situations and solve practical problems.
    • Pay for professional design of infographics based on research findings, to be provided to advocates who are in talks with government officials and need infographics to explain their case.
    • Experiment with creative and novel ways to reach front-line persons.
  • These grants are given to successful applicants’ universities and academic research institutions located in or outside thhe U.S. (not to individual academic researchers).
  • Applications are accepted year round. For more information and to apply, see these instructions.
  • Inquiries about these grants are welcome any time. Please contact: [email protected]