Dissemination and Communication Grants

  • Purpose of these grants:
    1. To make academic research on the negative impacts of industrial food animal production – especially concerning low- and middle-income countries – accessible and digestible to those outside academe.
    2. To help academics studying the drivers, problems, and possible ways to tackle global industrial animal agriculture to reach out to and share their knowledge with non-academics who can benefit from their expertise (e.g. quasi-governmental bodies, non-profit groups). And earn their trust and respect.
  • Examples of how grant funds can be used:
    • Pen and promote pieces for media outlets.
    • Acquire the skill to engage and communicate effectively with policy-makers and influencers.
    • Defray the cost of being a leading member of important task force, working groups, and panels.
  • The maximum amount for each grant is $20,000.
  • These grants are given to institutions and organizations which have U.S. not-for-profit tax-exempt status or its equivalence. They need not be located in the U.S. Eligible applicants include:
    • Universities and academic research institutions.
    • Professional, scholarly, or membership organizations governed by and intended to serve academics.
    • Organizations that offer grant management for researchers who need an institution that can receive and administer pass-through grants provided by governments, foundations, etc.
  • Inquiries and applications are welcome year round. Please contact: [email protected]