Fall/Winter 2021 Burning Questions Fellowship Recipients Announced

March 1, 2022

Silvina Pezzetta (Argentina)

Enabling CAFOs in Argentina: The case of the 2020-21 Argentina-China agreement to build mega intensive pig farms in Argentina with investments from Chinese corporations, and the role of Argentina's veterinarians in the intensification of animal agriculture.

Alexandra Navarro (Argentina)

Can getting student canteens in public universities in Argentina to serve pre-set vegetarian meals reduce meat consumption of these students and costs for the universities?

María José Hötzel & team (Brazil)

Views of smallholder family dairy farmers and agriculture extension agents in the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina toward industrialized and other systems of farm animal rearing.

Marion Dixon (U.S.)

Production and consumption of industrial food (especially poultry), and the spread of avian flu in Egypt.

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