Issue 10: Global Aquaculture: New developments and main issues

September 1, 2021

Advocates' interest in aquaculture has grown considerably since 2001. The alarming rise of aquaculture in recent decades and its serious adverse effects have become evident and could no longer be ignored. Advocates are not the only ones troubled by aquaculture's adverse effects. "The sustainability of aquaculture has been debated intensely since 2000. . ." These are the opening words of the paper "A 20-year retrospective review of global aquaculture", written by a team of ten international academic experts, led by Rosamund Naylor at Stanford University. LEARN MORE

The paper, published in the journal Nature in March 2021, has been accessed over 50,000 times in seven months, and mentioned in numerous blogs and media outlets including the New York Times. It is an update of a seminal paper published in 2001 by Naylor and her colleagues.

This issue of Academic Studies Without Tears highlights points in Naylor's review. It also includes brief notes of some recent studies on various broad topics in global aquaculture that advocates may find interesting (e.g. new trends in China; antibiotics use and resistance).

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