TITLE: How have corporate industrial food systems been entrenched into the Arab region? AUTHOR: C. Henderson. KEYWORDS: agribusinesses; investments; governments; Gulf states; Egypt; Morocco; Lebanon.

Christian Henderson, PhD.

doi: 10.15868/socialsector.36570
November 1, 2021

The full title of this Guidance Memo is: An analysis of value-chains and market development to support the smaller-scale production of pork by ethnic minority women in the Northern Mountainous Region of Vietnam.

Socially and economically-marginalized women in the Northern Mountainous Region (NMR) of Vietnam raise local or heritage pigs on small-Christian Henderson, PhD.scales to supplement their family income.

These women have been greatly affected by recent growth in industrial-scale pork production in Vietnam.

Moreover, the African Swine Fever crisis in northern Vietnam in mid/late 2019 threatens to put an end to raising local/heritage breeds on small scales in NMR.

But there is clear evidence that smaller-scale pork production in NMR is viable and is good socially, economically, environmentally, and for animal welfare.

A number of concrete, practical ways to support small-scale producers are suggested, from providing training in pig breeding to simple steps like teaching the small producers to use Facebook to attract customers.

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