TITLE: Examining messages about food in popular Kenyan media. AUTHOR: K. O'Neill. KEYWORDS: media; blogs; consumption; meat; vegetarian; Kenya.

Kristie O'Neill, PhD.

doi: 10.15868/socialsector.37229
August 1, 2020

The full title of this Guidance Memo is: Living well through food: Examining messages about food in popular Kenyan media.

It is aimed at helping those who want to support local Kenyan food systems, to stave off the “Westernized” diet and/or nutrition transition, to reduce animal-based food consumption in Kenya. In particular, it helps them to grasp the huge importance of understanding local food cultures and dietary practices, and to use culturally appropriate food messages in their outreach work.

To promote desired food habits in Kenya, the report suggests establishing annual vegetarian and/or vegan food festivals, encouraging individuals with culinary talent via awards, and supporting "restaurant weeks" in urban centers where participating restaurants provide special menus that offer discounts or new recipes.

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