Issue 11: Outlook of animal agriculture sectors in China, from the lens of Chinese academics

November 1, 2021

What is happening with pig farming in China? When researchers based in academic and research institutions in China write about pig farming and other animal agriculture sectors in China in the past several years, what points do they highlight?

This issue of Academic Studies Without Tears gives snapshots of current developments and outlook of five sectors in China: Pork, broiler chickens, eggs, dairy, beef according to a sample of academic papers written by one or more academic researcher(s) in China, or a team with a China-based lead author.

A strong common theme and tone in this selection of studies as well as in other papers by Chinese academics is that China needs to improve and "modernize" its animal farming sectors and industries, that more needs to be done. They also point out that large-scale farms are not yet dominant (although they may in the years ahead). In other words, it is not accurate to say that currently animal-source foods produced in China come mostly from "factory farms" like those in Europe and North America.

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