TITLE: Las universidades públicas de Argentina como instituciones clave para la reducción del consumo de productos de origen animal (English version: Public universities in Argentina as critical institutions for reducing animal food product consumption).

Alexandra Navarro, PhD

doi: 10.15868/socialsector.40720 ; 10.15868/socialsector.40608
July 12, 2023

Key topics covered in this report include: (1) Operations of university canteens. (2) Budgets of university canteens, with an analysis of the budget of the University of La Plata. (3) Canteen regulations (e.g. who make them). (4) Users of canteens (e.g. are they interested in vegetarian /plant-based meals). (5) Relevance for other communities (e.g. "Argentina against Hunger"). (6) The need to consider the cooking, quality, and taste of the food. (7) Communication strategies to make offering vegetarian food in university canteens a success (e.g. make the choice of vegetarian food simple and easily visible to canteen users so they do not feel that they have to review complex information or change their habit; make vegetarian food the default rather than an option). (8) Strategies to sustain interest in vegetarian foods in university canteens and reduce meat consumption over time (e.g. present plant-based food as a way to mitigate climate change, contribute to food sovereignty, reduce food waste, support cultural and religious minorities). (9) Infographics of environmental impacts if university canteens offer plant-based menus.

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