Burning Questions
Fellowship Award Winners

Marion Dixon

Location: U.S.
Academic field: Sociology
Award category: PhD Holder

Topics to be Addressed during the Award Period

Production/supply and consumption/demand of industrial food (especially poultry), and the spread of avian flu in Egypt.

  1. The primary forces driving industrialization of animal agriculture (poultry, dairy, fish, beef) in Egypt. In particular: Debt management; international trade agreements; frontier land policy; corporate value chains. 
  2. The consumer market in Egypt, especially the industrialization of animal agriculture being part of broader trends toward processed food there, and the growing percentage of processed industrial animal products in the marketplace. 
  3. The industry, corporate, government, and international actors, in particular subsidies and benefits offered to industries at the expense of smallholders. For example: The import of grains and other inputs (including vaccinations); the sale of state farms, lands, and food companies; various trade agreements and domestic trade policies; international loans and grants providing ‘start up’ funds for industry leaders.
  4. The myriad environmental concerns associated with industrial animal agriculture in Egypt, especially the highly infectious avian flu.

Some of the Things We Really Liked when We Read the Application

  • For those trying to tackle problems with industrial food and livestock production, Egypt is an important country to understand. It is doubly important because NGOs rarely pay attention to Egypt. 
  • The applicant has done deep research into these topics.
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